Who is DebtPros 21?

Wil CoombsWil Coombs has been an entrepreneur since 1982. In 1986 he founded the Education and Training Center, a company designed to provide low income individuals and single moms with the opportunity to learn competitive job skills. Once they were trained, he and his staff would assist them in finding full time employment. After a time, he realized that one of their biggest obstacles was their total lack of credit worthiness.

Years later, he developed a friendship with John Hudock. John was an expert on credit and credit scoring and published many articles on the subject, including a monthly piece in the Mortgage Press, a nationwide publication for mortgage brokers. In 2000 John formed a company called The International Credit Club. It was designed to help people with serious debt problems to restore them to financial health. 

John and Wil worked to develop a guide for the consumer that would help them “bootstrap” themselves into financial solvency. During that process, they worked one on one with a number of individuals with serious financial issues. John’s expertise combined with the experience they both gained from their experience resulted in numerous successes and The International Credit Club continued to grow. 

Sadly, John passed away in 2008 and the company was dissolved, leaving Wil with a wealth of knowledge he could use to help people help themselves. Recently, he decided to utilize the Internet to disseminate that information to anyone who could use it to their benefit.

Wil Coombs founded DebtPros21 in order to distribute the information that he has collected during his many years of experience in the field of consumer credit counseling. His goal is to educate consumers so that they can make intelligent decisions about their debt problems and, hopefully, resolve them on their own.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@debtpros21.com.

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