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The Ten Commandments of Credit
The Ten Commandments of Credit
Intended to be used after your credit has been restored, The Ten Commandments of Credit will give you the information you need in order to maintain excellent credit worthiness. Presented in an easily understood manner, following these commandments will help keep your credit rating where it should be.

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The Credit Industry - A Primer
The Credit Industry - A Primer for the Consumer
Learn about how to read your credit report, protect yourself from predatory lenders and debt collectors, as well as how to safeguard yourself from credit fraud and identity theft. The primer includes:
  • A complete history of the credit industry and definitions of the key terms you need to understand if you are going to navigate through the “forest” of credit information and regulations.
  • A summary of the federal legislation that regulates the entire industry under the auspices of the Federal Trade Commission.
  • Expert advice on proper credit practices, including how to protect yourself against credit fraud and identity theft.
  • The most important internet web site links that allow you to continue your research and further develop your credit expertise.
Debt Negotiation
Debt Negotiation

If and when you decide to take on your credit problems yourself, here is a handy guide to the proper procedures you should follow to insure that you negotiate from strength and achieve the best possible results.

Reading Your Credit Report
The Consumer Guide to Reading  Your Credit Report
Some of the valuable information in this publication:
  • A primer for reading and interpreting the information on your credit report.
  • It guides you through each individual trade line and tells you the significance of each piece of information as it applies to your credit worthiness, as well as the proper procedures for disputing errors on your credit information.
  • Finally, it offers you a thorough analysis of your derogatory accounts and the proper methods you should employ to pay them off.

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