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A Primer for the Consumer The Credit Industry: A Primer for the Consumer
This is your reference manual for the entire credit industry.
 Kindle: $9.99  
Paperback: $17.09  
The Ten Commandments of Credit  The Ten Commandments of Credit

The top ten ways you can maintain and maximize your credit worthiness and the significant money saving you will enjoy over time if you follow these simple rules.

Kindle: $6.99  
Paperback: $11.39  
  Debt Negotiation

If and when you decide to take on your credit problems yourself, here is a handy guide to the proper procedures you should follow to insure that you negotiate from strength and achieve the best possible results.

Kindle: $5.99  
Paperback: $9.49  
Consumer Guide to Reading your Credit Report
Consumer Guide for Reading Your Credit Report
A primer for reading and interpreting the information on your credit report.
Kindle: $9.99  
Paperback: $14.24  

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